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Wow, I didn’t realize I hadn’t been here in two years! I’m still here, but not here. 😉 I’ve moved into a different space. Please visit me at Diana Takes Pictures! Or if you have a shorter attention span (no judgement – I fall into this category), I can also be found on Instagram.



Have you ever traveled with people and decided, Oh this looks like a great cafe? Let’s go in for a cup of coffee? And you head on it not knowing that it would take 20 minutes for a waitress to come to your table and then basically, another 40 minutes for your coffee and snacks to arrive?

Yeah, it happened to us.

waiting for service

In this case, we all did what came natural to us: I resorted to taking pictures; my brother checking his phone; and my husband just fell asleep at the table. Seriously, he did.

did I mention we were in Brussels?

While we were in London, we took a day trip to Brussels. The other option was Paris, but we decided to visit a country we hadn’t been to before (Belgium). And the best word I can think of to describe this place is charming. When we arrived (via EuroStar, which by the way, was a delightful experience), none of us really knew where we were going. We hopped on the metro system (but I don’t think we really needed to) and headed toward The Grand-Place, the city’s square:

The Grand-Place or Grote Markt.

The Grand-Place or Grote Markt.

We took a few a bunch of pictures in this area before we proceeded on. Then, we spotted our first waffle stand. “I’m buying,” my brother announced. “Oooooo….I see lots of waffles I want,” Sparky replied. “I’ll take a plain waffle,” I said. They both turned to look at me like I was the biggest moron ever. (This might not be far from the truth.) “Or, I’ll share with Sparky….”I said with little conviction. I did the safe thing and pulled my camera up to my face and took a shot of the stand.

Belgium Waffles in Brussels

A whole lotta waffles!

And this is the waffle I shared:

waffle in brussels

[It was awesome.]

And we completely ruined our appetite for lunch. But still, we headed off to find a restaurant to for our mussels fix….

Baker Street Station

Yesterday, I shared pictures of some of London’s Underground signs and included one from the outside of the Baker Street Station [it’s the first one shown in the last post]. I want to show a few more pictures from this station because I thought it was unique from the others.

Baker Street Station

Baker Street Station

Okay, on the outside it looks a lot like the other stations throughout London, but inside….

Underground sign in London

Inside Baker Street Station

These girls gave me a side glance, trying to figure out if I was taking a picture of them. I’m glad they’re in the shot (their uniforms are so cute!), but I was actually trying to get a picture of the wall…

Baker street Station wall tiles, Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes wall tiles!

So cool!

And in case you needed to see the big attraction near this station, well, I’m sure you’ve figured it out but in case you haven’t, here you go….

Sherlock Holmes Museum

The Sherlock Holmes Museum. I picked up a business card while we were here…I am bummed as I misplaced it. 😦

Underground signs

Going through my pictures from London, I noticed that I took multiple photos of the following things:

  1. The cabs. Seriously, I had an obsession with the cabs in London. I. Want. One. [I dream big! And perhaps ridiculously.]
  2. Big Ben. He was hard to miss! Plus, I don’t mind taking pictures of good looking guys. 😉
  3. The Underground signs.


Yeah, I might have gotten a little carried away with those signs. They’re quite iconic, and my eye tends to pick up on bright colors, especially when my surroundings is full of neutral tones (I’m talking about you, London). I need to print out a picture of two to hang on my walls because I seriously love these signs….


Waterloo underground sign in london

I particularly like this sign because my brother and my husband were standing in front of it, thinking I wanted a picture of them. I snapped a bunch of pictures as I was talking to them: “I’d like to take a picture of the sign….I’d like to take a picture of THE SIGN….I’D LIKE TO TAKE A PICTURE OF THE SIGN!!!” They finally heard me. 🙂

Underground sign in London

Plain ole sign…still cool to me.

I’ve bored you, haven’t I? Many apologies. 🙂

photos from this past week

Hi! Happy Sunday! I’m sitting at my desk trying not to think about the huge meal I had last night. As a result, we had to walk past Andy’s Custard without stopping in after dinner last night. Bummer. The sign did catch my eye though:

Andy Custard in Evanston

Looked but didn’t go in

(Andy, we will see each other soon.)

Earlier in the week I spotted two guys two guys at Lake Michigan…

two guys at lake michigan

This was intriguing to me because they came together and then put the distance between them while they looked out into the water. I’m going to have to chalk it up to some sort of a male relationship thing. In any case, I hopped up on the same rocks and this was my view:


It’s easy to daydream here.

I’m hoping for a house with a lake view someday. 🙂 Later in the week, I threw my camera into ISO 120,000 (or something like that) while waiting for the Metra train to pass by my waiting car and got this:

Metra train at night

P.S. I was a passenger. Don’t click and drive!

Yesterday, I was looking through pictures and found this one that I took a million years ago (i.e. last summer) and decided to doctor it up a bit in PhotoShop because….well, why not?

Sears Tower, Willis Tower

Where I’m going to use it (besides Pinterest) is beyond me. Ha. Oh well.

Enjoy the last day of the weekend!

afternoon tea at The Orangery

Having tea at The Orangery (Kensington Palace)

Having tea at The Orangery (Kensington Palace)

I’m not sure how I managed to get my husband and my brother to go do afternoon tea at The Orangery. But they did, and to my surprise, they loved it. And to their surprise, it was a pricey experience for “just tea and sandwiches”. Oh well, it’s not something I can logically explain to the male gender. 😉 Despite that, they did enjoy it. So much so that my husband craves afternoon tea now that we’re back home. During our first weekend back, for example, I made cucumber and salmon sandwiches for a proper tea time. He devoured them (plus the tea). The next day, he asked if we were doing it again. I had to say no – we had a big lunch! However, I think it’s programmed into his head and a weekend isn’t a weekend without tea and sandwiches. (He’s made his own cucumber sandwiches since.)

In any case, we arrived at The Orangery and were seated in the brightest, whitest restaurant I’ve ever been in:

The Orangery at Kensington Palace

At our table, we were surrounded by beautiful china, which we joked about stuffing into my purse. (I think we were kidding anyway. There wasn’t any follow through on my part…)

Having a "We're going to be drinking out of a royal tea cup!" moment

Having a “We’re going to be drinking out of a royal tea cup!” moment

The Orangery at Kensington Palace

Fancy plate

We looked through the menu to determine what we would order. All I wanted was something with caffeine (black tea it was!). The guys got some sort of berry-flavored tea. We immediately dove into our teas (and each added a cube – maybe more – to each cup) when the three-tiered trays came out. Yum!

Afternoon tea at The Orangery

Three tiers of finger foods [sandwiches at the bottom; scones/biscuits in the middle; dessert at the top]

This was more than enough food for an afternoon “nibble”. I also had more than enough tea, but my brother had to top things off with a Pimm’s. Lovely.


Oh, our server’s name was Thor. There is nothing else I remember about him, but again, his name was Thor. How cool!